About China Window

CHINA WINDOW Consulting Group was established in 2000 by foreign lawyers with years of experience of practicing and living in China.

OUR GOAL is to provide legal, tax, accounting and market-entry advisory services for international businesses.

At present CHINA WINDOW Consulting Group brings together more than 30 professionals with degrees from universities in several countries and many years of practical experience in Chinese and Hong Kong law, taxation and accounting.

Our companies are licensed to do business in China Mainland and Hong Kong.

Our offices are situated in the key Chinese cities: Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Our longstanding presence in China created an extensive network of Chinese lawyers, accountants and other professionals, as well as contacts in Chinese government agencies.


  • Deep practical knowledge of Chinese legal system and law enforcement practices
  • In-depth understanding of Chinese business environment
  • Fluency in the English, Mandarin Chinese and Russian languages


Legal consultations on matters of Chinese law

Support for investment projects in China

Assistance in establishing business presence in China (including Hong Kong), Singapore and other countries

Design of business models for investment in China
Execution of transactions to acquire companies in China

Assistance in litigation, arbitration, and resolving administrative and other disputes

Drafting and legal analysis of contracts, agreements and other documents


Trade mark registration

Assistance in opening bank accounts

Assistance in setting up offshore companies

Secretarial services for Hong Kong and Singapore companies

Accounting, audit and tax services in China (including Hong Kong), Singapore and other countries

Tax planning

Business liquidation

We provide our clients with reliable information about Chinese and Russian law to help them take better decisions about their businesses and investments in China and Russia.


We believe in social responsibility and actively participate in public projects in China. As Russian expatriates we are especially interested in supporting the Russian community in China. Many of renowned and reputed Russian organizations and projects which were established in China during the last 10 years came to fruition with direct participation of founders of China Window Consulting Group, including:

The founders of CHINA WINDOW Consulting Group are often invited as experts in Chinese law and business to participate in conferences, TV and on-line programmes, podcasts etc.

We consider public and educational work to be an important part of our business and life in China.